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Northside Bujinkan Dojo

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Ninja Kids

Ages 6-9


Promotion deal for Beginners!

First 2 weeks are free

 6 - 9 years

(parent/guardian must be present)

10 - 16 years

**** There currently is no kids classes.They will start up again after summer when I have more time. Thanks for your patience!





Kids classes are only available through a monthly membership for $40 for the 1st kid and $20 for the 2nd kid or 3rd kid (immediate family only)

Start your youngster early as a warrior ninja! Have them learn the beginning basics of survival through the martial arts of the Bujinkan. These are some of the key objectives we aim to teach:



- Falling safely, rolling, jumping

-body mechanics

-safety in striking and locking

- posture and alignment

- exercises that cater to our art of balance, strength, and cardio

- Discipline, control, confidence and empathy for others

-Self Defense

- Concentration and focus through awareness activities

- and of course... FUN!





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