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Northside Bujinkan Dojo

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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

         The Bujinkan was formed by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi by comprising the knowledge of 9 different traditional Japanese schools or Ryu. Three of which are indicated as ancient ninja schools and the other 6 are samuraii jujutsu schools. This is not a competitive sport martial art. It is an art of self-defense, awareness, and survival. Although it is based on Japanese traditions, it is also a progressive art that adapts to the changes in time. 

      We emphazise honesty in our training within our teachers and students and hence, we can become truely prepared for life outside the dojo.

            Some of the key focuses in this art are dakken jutsu (striking), ju taijutsu (grappling), weapons such as the knife, hanbo, bo, sword, kusari, kobotan, and whatever else may be convenient in the real world. The basics of this art are said by many, including our school, to be the most important part of this art. This includes Kamaii (body positioning and structure), Ukemi (receiving the situation such as attacks, the ground, the environment), the Sanshin (body movement exercises that cater to fighting), the Kihon Happa ( 8 basic techniques of striking and grappling that follow body mechanics), and dakken (striking) training.

Along with basics, we utilize techniques with various possibilities (henka) and introduce counters upon counters. The duality between the uke (receiver) and the tori (attacker) becomes a blended entangle of survival. We start slow to absorb the finer points and progress to regular speed.  Safety is important.. as is the habit of survival.

       This art strips away the bad habits that we have accumulated in our life. A focus is put on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. Thus, making it a difficult art against our human nature that wants to stay in our comfort zone and that likes to hang on to our pride and ego.

           The path of the budo warrior is to seek the way of making oneself stronger. The practice in this art extends to life outside the dojo. Where efficiently managing ones energy and working on ones weaknesses is directly linked to how we can handle ourselves in the world. To eliminate the B.S! To progress physically in this art, you must progress mentally and then harness the two with the spirit.



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